Download your script

Want a copy of the prompt to review before you record your video? Not a problem you can download it here. 

My name is _______________________

I live in _____ (city) _____ (state)

I am  _____  years old

I started smoking at age _____ and smoked for ____  years

I quit smoking using vapor products and have vaped for ____ years

I am currently vaping ____ flavor

(no brand names, please – just list flavor profile, i.e. “strawberry cheesecake”)

And really enjoy ____ best

(type of flavors, example: “fruits”, “desserts”, etc)

I vape because __________

(example: “I didn’t want to die early,” “wanted to spend more time with grandchildren,” “save money,” etc)

If the FDA, legislators and media continue to vilify vaping and restrict my access to flavored vapor I will _________

(“DIY”, “return to smoking”, “find some way to get it” etc)

Please do not vape in the video or show any vapOR products in your hand or in the background.