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Are you 40+, living in Minnesota, and have a story about Tobacco Harm Reduction products helping you quit a deadly habit?


The Food and Drug Administration has failed to perform its duty of protecting the public health interests of our nation. FDA categorically denied millions of PMTA applications submitted in good faith for flavored vapor products already in use as harm reduction tools by millions of adult American consumers, like YOU.

Each rejection cited that the benefit to adults was not clearly demonstrated as outweighing the risk to youth. By sharing your story, you will help support the efforts of SFATA and other advocacy organizations, businesses, and individuals who are working tirelessly to stop this ban from moving forward. There is more to our story than law-breaking teens, and our nation’s policymakers need to understand this.

We are collecting videos to make sure your voice is heard! Submit a video of your vapor journey and join the fight against this federal de facto flavor ban, while also helping to keep flavor bans out of your home state. More than that we vape, policymakers need to understand WHY we vape.  Your story is important and needs to be heard!


We need to know your state, so we can ensure your story is heard by policymakers in your area.
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